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An Update For Nobody

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

its amazing how my last post was in February! So much has changed since then. The few friends I had when I was at the peak of blogging have all moved on. I cannot even recall the last time I spoke to anyone of them. Since my last post, I have attained the credits for an Associates Degree, accepted and deferred going to UNT, met several new friends, finally switched to iPhone and let go of past grudges that were holding me back.

Probably the scariest thing is realizing that I have a very good chance of developing dementia. Woo. But I have also decided not to let that hold me back on living life. We’re not meant to live forever and I’m okay with that because “we’re all stories in the end, so why not make it a good one, eh?” 

Three things I’m really excited for that are coming up:

  1. I’m attending UNT in the Spring!
  2. I’ve met several great friends that push me to do better
  3. I’m seeing Walk the Moon in October!!!

So while I don’t get to talk to anyone I used to be friends/best friends with, I don’t regret any of it because it’s something to learn from. Who knows, it could all be for the better? I guess we’ll see!