Traveling Down A Separate Path

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Back I am with a new late night post…


A couple of things have happened lately that has brightened my future while casting a sorrowful shadow on a bit of my past. I was accepted into Tarleton State University where I will transfer in the Spring. Now this will be a quick turn around from what I’m used to with TCC and living at home, especially since most of the classes are already taken. That of itself is the biggest bummer of all. I can’t even sign up for classes yet until they process everything. Hopefully it will be soon. Yet, what I am most excited about is also the most saddening…I’m leaving. Now I know I am blowing it greatly out of proportion like I will never see home again, but as I am not a person accustom to change, each time something changes, I go dramatic. While I know I’m going to enjoy being a Texan and befriending people who “get” me in the sense where I’ve always felt left out, being a history nerd, I can’t help but be sad that I will pretty much cut off any remaining ties to my friends in the area.

 I guess it shouldn’t affect me too much since with work and all, everyone has had to move on since I can rarely hang out or even talk. To put it in perspective, I never talk to either one of my best friends anymore because all of our schedules are constantly conflicting. They have their own lives now and while I suppose to some degree its due to my lack of attention, I like to think it is for the better and that we all have our own paths to venture down. Probably the most humorous part is that the most humble of friends is no longer single and was able to find happiness, while the most selfish is quite single.

 On the flip side to the coin, I am at a place with work that I used to long to be, manager. While sometimes I wish that someone else would close all the time, I am lucky that I can be trusted to always close the store as often as I do. Plus doing so allows me to be lucky enough to occasionally ask for two days off for school purposes, but if things change, they know I am a quick phone call away.

Looking on it, I am really excited that I finally get to kick start the path to my future and while it is really exciting, its more nerve wracking because I have to dive all in whether I’m ready or not.

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.” – Dave Mustaine


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