Texian: Why the Mexican Flag Should Fly in Texas

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had the “pleasure” of listening to a conservative talk show discussing how some lady became upset that their neighbor flew a Mexican flag in Texas. Her reasoning? “This is America, not Mexico.” Really?? I had no idea. Being a conservative, this pointless sense of nationalism is rather annoying because it makes no sense.

Considering how Texas was controlled by Spain and later Mexico, the fact that Texans get upset by this is ridiculous. Yes, Texas was mostly full of Americans during both Spain and Mexico’s rulings, but it doesn’t give people the right to bash what really is an important flag in our state’s history. Really if it wasn’t for Sam Houston getting lucky in the Battle of San Jacinto, there wouldn’t be a Republic of Texas that had the chance to be a state. So as much as people don’t want to recognize the truth, the Mexican flag is very important in how we became the state we are.

The only flags that could be slammed reasonably are the Spanish and French flags. Spain because they let such a great opportunity go to waste by not investing enough into such a vast amount of land like they should have. France did the least to govern Texas. In fact, no one in France really cared about Texas except for the fact that Spain wanted it (that mindset went both ways). France didn’t even want it. They made an agreement with Spain not to sell it to the US…well guess what happened then? The Louisiana Purchase with none other than America. Not only that, it was the best land deal ever! Besides the LP, they did nothing.

Basically, we owe our cocky attitude to Mexico by having an insane and cowardly leader (Santa Anna) and giving us our inspiration for independence. Really, the defining moment for inspiration could be the post-Alamo assassination of Davy Crockett, who really is over-celebrated for only being in Texas for 2 months.

So complain all you want about the wrong flag, its Texas, we appreciate our flag more than our own country’s. There’s nothing wrong with waving the Mexican flag so long as you its not annoying to the mass, like calling for a revolution or bashing this country/refusing to melt into the heritage of society.


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