Mary the Murderous Elephant.

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

In about the early 20th century,  there was a circus elephants who killed her trainer and a few other guests.  In response,  the owner decided that hanging would be the best death. So they led Mary out to a railroad,  tethered a foot to the track and hoisted her up by a chain around her neck. Then when the chain broke from the overwhelming weight,  Mary fell and broke her hip.  Another part of the problem was that her foot stayed tethered to the railroad. Afterwards,  they hoisted another chain on Mary and successfully hung her.
If this doesn’t bother you,  then how is this different than a cat or dog being hung? While this is an extreme case,  circus elephants go through various tortures through being poked by bull hooks in sensitive areas,  forced into unnatural positions to perform tricks, beaten until they perform out of fear,  shackled and crammed into tight spaces no bigger than the average car for up to 20 hours a day.  Often their cages are not cleaned everyday so they are left to stand in their filth constantly. This is truth of the circus after the fun is had and the lights have faded. At the end of the night,  it isn’t the clowns who are truly unhappy,  it is the elephants.
So how do we fix this problem? Protests and boycotts. Protest by publicly showing that the circus is wrong for humiliating elephants for profit. By boycotting,  the circuses lose money and lose chances to torture these beasts. They shouldn’t have to be tortured to make us happy.


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