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Politically Stupid

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

I find the world of politics interesting.

 If you look at the spectrum, you have the very liberal Democrats who are for raising taxes, free healthcare, prochoice (as long as you don’t choose to be a Republican), strict gun laws, women’s rights, equality for all, less emissions, and no fracking. Then you have your basic Democrats who still want to bask under the umbrella of the New Deal/Fair Deal, but aren’t as demanding as liberals. Followed by the moderate/conservative democrats and Independent party. They usually don’t want the association of either party, but still agree in bits with both. Now you start to move to the conservative side with the liberal Republicans (or RINOs/Republican in Name Only) and moderate republicans, followed then by your standard conservative Republican who usually is chill and doesn’t hate much. Then there’s the Tea Party. These “think too hard” Republicans try to separate from the GOP and want no taxes, private healthcare, guns to tote freely, gays to be cured, Atheist to shut up, women to stand behind their man, and brag about how much they know about the Constitution. It’s amazing how they even tolerated Romney and the Mormons. I see the Tea Party as the modern day Sons of Liberty. They over analyze the situation and want to revolt every time the President does something they don’t agree with. Its not like liberals are better, but they just cause destruction and annoyance through protest in the Occupy movements.

Really, both sides claim they want to “better society” when they are looking out for their own interests, not the people. If we really had a political party that looked out for the people, there wouldn’t be a need for constant attack ads or arguments. Plus, some things that would improve the country, government has to do without the will of the people. A democracy is a two-edged sword because while it is important for the people’s general interest to be heard, the people don’t always make the right decisions. People need to stop being so high and mighty about things. Things like equality for women, rights to an abortion (when necessary), at least a federal option of healthcare (not mandatory), and a quicker route to citizenship need to change with less of the people’s consent. However, marijuana control, tobacco products, taxes, environmental control and emissions, and the “for the better of society” stuff needs to be left for the government sans people. As much as I sound like I want more government, I’m not trying to be so. The truth is, Americans are stupid. We forced the creation of the Temperance movement only to tear it down. The best part about the United States is also its worse, the people rule.


This is probably the most annoying question you can ask someone who works and the food industry. Yet we get it all the time. I was actually asked this question twice today which is really weird considering how I come across it personally.

First of all, you cannot have a discount. One, if I barely know you, you should know it ain’t happening. Two, if you haven’t talked to me in awhile and only asking if I work today to see if you can get a discount, then no times infinity! I get that you are broke, but if you look around, you will see so am I and so is everyone else who has heard this! Not to mention, I don’t even get a discount except when I’m working. There isn’t a discount we can give certain people on or off the clock so please, shut up and don’t ask. The only discount at CFA is free water. So it would save everyone a lot of time if you just got used to it and weren’t looking for handouts. In fact, about that “friend”, I get that you’re poor, I am too. But handouts should only be for those who have worked hard to earn it. You can whine and moan all you want, but you still won’t get your discount. I’m still looking for one. It’s better to remember that “free” is never free.