A Dark Stormy Night On a Bright Sunny Day

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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There’s always those times where we feel like like is pointless and any chance at succeeding at a certain task seems utterly hopeless. Well while I was feeling like that yesterday after realizing that certain aspects at work just weren’t going to go the way I had hoped. Now today, I can tell that while it won’t go the way I had hoped, I can at least be happy in knowing that I still have time to change things even slightly for the better. The only hope is to survive the summer in as best of shape as I can before deciding where to go from there. Being tired from lack of sleep and tired of how I constantly feel both need to change. The hard part is forcing myself to make that change or else nothing will be better. Talking the talk is easy, but when it comes to putting the gears in motion, you just have to dig down deep and push on.
Using a lame quote like “its always darkest before the dawn” doesn’t matter until things change. I constantly say stuff like that, but little do things actually change. People who refuse to change die off and are forgotten. Those who do change, are remembered.


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