Still Falling

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So Hunter Hayes’s new album, Storyline, has finally been released and it is awesome. As it seems to be a pattern in his music, it is ninety percent a combination of love and sad songs. Some people wonder why I even listen to his songs although almost all of them are targeted towards girls. While this does make listening to some of the songs somewhat awkward, I listen to them because they are creative, catchy, and are really easy to relate to from his point of view. When it comes to the song “Still Fallin”, I have been in this situation probably twice and both times it has moved me in ways that are hard to explain.

Also, go look up his less mainstream album, Songs About Nothing, it is really catchy and more upbeat. It also shows a jazzier side mixed with a stronger Southern/Cajun accent.


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