A Dead Man’s March

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Push me down, break my knees,
Drag me around until I beg and plead.
Tie me up, set me free,
Stab me in the heart so you may see
My soul’s on fire, my heart on ice,
My mind is squeezed in your vice.
What I know now, what I knew then,
What is now is better than its ever been.
Cast your lots, cast your crowns,
Cast your sins up on that mound.
Your future is gold, your past is sand,
Your present is lost out in neverland.
Look up at Him, look down on me,
Look around at the barren sea.
Life’s a ball, life’s a line on the sand,
Life’s what you miss at the end.
All that grand, all that grind,
All that sand in the glass of time.
The time has come, the time has end,
The time has killed us all while on the mend.


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