Change Starts with Adam’s Rib

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So continuing on my late night controversial topics, I have chosen one that most people I know would not go near simply because you can easily land in hot waters. The topic is equal pay for women. One might wonder why a teenage guy would choose to write about women’s pay, especially since it “benefits” me more by leaving it alone. The thing is though, it has never really been beneficial on the back burner. I will get to my main reason later, but the source of this post spawned from reading an article about Hillary Clinton’s belief that the “Clock is turning back on women.”

For as long as man have had two ways of thinking, women have been below him. This continued until the 60’s and 70’s when women’s rights became a hot topic. While this did make the issue controversial, it has yet to achieve its goal of equality. I am probably one of the few guys who will say that women probably do deserve more pay than men. The basic fact that we choose to ignore is that women are capable of so much more than men are, especially at multitasking. Women are talked down as being the weaker sex and while that is true physically, it is a lie when it comes to psychologically. With men, life is more about personal gain in a black and white world. Women, are more likely to look at a situation sympathetically and sympathize over the logical choice, if it came to it. If you looked at who is taken more seriously in the workforce, it is the men because women must live up to sexist double standards and simply cannot compete with a man’s means of tactical/brute force to get a goal done no matter the emotionally collateral damage.

One place that really must see the change in equal pay is in education. As poor as the salary is for either sex, because women make up for most of the workforce, if their salaries go up, men’s will too. Although the point would not to increase the men’s as much, equal pay will be beneficial with both. The equal pay would only apply to the amount of time spent at the school. Being paid for the time in preparing lessons and grading papers is still light-years away simply because that is more controversial. Plus, by paying teachers more, they are in turn able to provide more energy and money towards each student’s education to achieve a higher goal in life whether it is in testing, comprehension, or vocational goals.

For man to be strong, the woman must be helped first.


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