This is probably the oddest movie I will ever choose to review simply because it possesses such contrast to a lot of what I stand for or believe morally. The movie is called Blue is the Warmest Color. The reason why it is so bizarre for me to talk about is because in essence, it is a movie where the main character and the main supporting character are lesbians. I suppose someone reading this would question why I chose to watch such a movie and the simplest, as well as the easiest answer I can give, is that I really do not know why. I guess it has to do with the fact that it has caused controversy between the director and the two main actresses.
Controversy equals attention.
The problem the actresses had with the director was that he demanded more than the actresses were comfortable giving. With the Adele and Emma, the two main characters, being lesbians, one would expect there be some kissing, a couple of risky scenes, and a little bit of skin. My expectations were miniscule compared to what was shown. The love-making scenes were not uncomfortable because they are lesbians, it is that there is a ton of scenes that would make even the most liberal of viewers question, “Is all this footage really necessary?” But back to what struck my curiosity in the first place. I first heard about this movie on an entertainment show that occasionally discusses various movies time to time and when I found out that it was about lesbians, I did not think anything of it because it is not the type of movie I prefer to see. What changed my mind was all the stories of how the director went the extreme lengths to get the shots he wanted for the film. When you have the two main actresses lashing out against the director on the red carpet and this is only part one of the book adaptation, you know you are in trouble. Supposedly, the main problem was that you had two straight actresses playing lesbians, but through the mind of the straight male director on how lesbians make love. Either he needs to rethink his strategy for the next movie, or he will be out of the chair.
Extreme, but brilliant
The weird thing is, as uncomfortable I was during the whole love-making scenes, some of the background details were brilliantly spread out in order not to distract from the main story. One worth discussing is the obvious, the color blue. The fact that blue is in the title should say that it will be major in the story. The director uses the color blue both figuratively and literally. In the literal sense, it is used in the color that almost everyone in the movie wears, the painting, Emma’s hair for most of the movie, and the overall tint of the movie. The figurative use is a little more difficult to explain because it represents so much. From the relaxation and peace Adele and Emma find in the embrace and comfort in each other’s arms to the depression Adele experiences after the fallout with Emma, the color blue speaks volumes in ways words cannot justify. There are several ways to interpret this film and I believe that is the reason it has gained such a buzz and ambiance to it that makes the story so popular. While I would not recommend this film to most people, if you want a film that goes deeper than what is on-screen, go for it. It is quite revealing and not for the faint of heart. You gain a sense of respect for the actresses who literally bare it all to give an exhilarating performance. Blue is the Warmest Color is rated NC-17 for good reason, for this is solely for mature and willing audiences only. Beware, it is three hours long, but pulls it off quite well. One final and important note: Most findings online are in the original French with English subtitles, but is very easy to follow along.

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