Why Teaching is a Bad Idea…& vice versa!

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Anyone who enters the world of teaching confronts one realization, the bad parts outweigh the good. The bad are clearly the lack of money, long hours, extra time and money commitments, and the lack of appreciation you put into each day. The worst has to be the amount of selflessness you must devote to the students because you cannot be a great teacher if you put yourself before your students. I’ve heard that to be a great teacher, you have to eat, breathe, and sleep teaching. This would be affective all the time if there wasn’t a thing called life. Ironically, this “perfect goal” is what leads to a high burnout rate among teachers. This is aided by the lack of salary teachers are given. This is not a new thing either, teachers were purposely given lower salaries to begin with because in the beginning, the only teachers were women and it was common for men to act like the superior sex. It would be centuries before women would come close to equal pay. Now this lack of pay is more geared to the whole of teaching because outside of the teaching world, teaching is seen as an “easy” job that does not merit to the same amount of pay as a lawyer or a nurse. In a way, it takes the same type of skills because in teaching, you are still in control of someone else’s life. You shape how they view life as well as how they approach tasks independently as well as in a group. It is more mind rather than physical changing. Until people realize that teaching requires the utmost in commitments and dedication, as well as the difficulty in successfully teaching, teaching will be a dream killer because people will realize how much it can suck or why it cannot possibly be worth it all.


Oh, but it is! It is worth it all!


Teaching is amazing! You get to lead the leaders of tomorrow on new adventures and experiences throughout each day, good and bad. You develop a bond with hundreds of students every year as you get to know them while they continue to thrive into maturity. Teaching is great because you sacrifice your own interests and open yourself to share with others. You conquer your fears by boldly standing before them to share the vast knowledge of your passion. If you look past the down parts of the job, you see that it really is fun because you get to approach each day with a planned topic, but knowing it is never the same class period to period. The details come and go and your lesson matures throughout the day. While there are dull moments, the spontaneous fun moments happen just as often to make that day or time worthwhile. Teaching does not have a script that you can just recite and perform, you have to mold it to your personality to make each lesson your own every day. Along with molding it to yourself, you also mold it around your students and how they respond to what you try to convey. It will not always work and that is part of being a great teacher, your adaptability. People do not understand, get sick, fire drills, assemblies, the list goes on and on. The better you adapt, the better you can teach. With that, history is made every day and is meant to be explored. Through trial and error, we find perfection.

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    Such wisdom behind a young future teacher! Students will definitely be graced to be in your class.

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