When Right is Wrong, What is One to Do?

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Lately I have had the idea that everything I believe is right for me to be doing tends to be wrong among the some people I find myself around. Some religious, others dealing with morals, but really, when you know something is right, then why does it feel wrong? For me it has to do with what others believe and while they will say “who cares whatever someone else believes, do what you think is right,” but the problem with that is that they are the ones that think what I think is right, is wrong. For example, how are you suppose to be a “better Christian” when people who surround you bash the foundation of which your religion stands on? As much as you want to do what is right, you do not feel that it is right to alienate those who oppose your views. Another prime example is the whole gay rights issue. It is very controversial, so much so that if you only believe in opposition, no matter the degree, you are automatically wrong. While I believe being gay is a sin, whether you were born that way or it was a choice, it is still wrong. With that, I also believe that everyone deserves the right to be happy by any means necessary. There is no middle ground on that issue so it is a lose-lose. Another big topic is of equality. This is actually a topic with many branches. A big one is sexual equality. The only thing to say to this is that people need to realize that not everyone is going to agree with their ideas on the definition of marriage. Another is racial equality. This is another that is best for the supporters to bite the tongue. There will forever be racism and I do not think that will ever change because that is part of who we are. For better or worse, that in a way defines us as human beings. Lastly, gender equality. This really is a tricky subject because this can depend on race, religion, social class, how one was raised, and so much more. In the basic jobs like fast food, the job pay is more equal as opposed to something like major league sports. I’m sorry to any woman who reads this, but I strongly believe that society will always look at women as the weaker species. Not because they are not as intelligent or capable as their male counterparts, but simply because most men in power are sexist and I think that the more power one has, the more masculine they are, so along with history looking at women as the weaker sex, power makes men feel more superior. Now this does not mean that I believe that all guys are greater than girls, in fact, most of the girls I meet are far more intelligent and skilled than me. So which is right? Which is wrong? And in the end, is there really a difference anymore?


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