Previous Happenings

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted in quite awhile so I thought I might as well, I only have school in the morning. So let’s see…
I’m finally 19, but how that is different from being 18, I have no idea. Then there was Catching Fire, which was awesome and way better than the first one (look at the Power of the Lawrences). The day after was the Hunter Hayes concert. Even being crippled, I was really glad that I could enjoy it. Combined with his crazy guitar skills and singing, he was running around the stage as if he possessed a never-ending amount of energy. Needless to say, it was amazing and I was really glad I got to go, because who doesn’t love the music of Hunter Hayes? Plus he is WAY better in concert than just on the radio, it’s way more…crazy lol Thanksgiving followed which was pretty uninteresting since no drama ever happened. Black Friday was awesome because I finally got to go back to work which really boosted my spirits and gave me a better outlook on getting better. I really wished those seven hours were longer, but by the end of it, my leg was ready to be rested. Hopefully if I can walk enough tomorrow, I maybe able to persuade my boss to let me work more, but for that to happen, I want to make sure I can walk and possibly ride my bike again. Well that’s pretty much it. The only other thing I can think of was last Monday where I random felt like walking around campus which felt really good to do. It also seemed to surprise a lot of people that are so used to seeing me on crutches or in the wheelchair. I seem to be the most social with Subway people, but then again, they have the food. So that’s basically it other than seeing Catching Fire for a 3rd time in a week’s time, should be interesting!

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