The Power of the Lawrences

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So last night, I saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and there is no hiding how utterly amazing it is as well as how much better it is compared to the first Hunger Games. The amount of the movie that stays true to the book is immense. The great thing about this sequel, it doesn’t have to focus on attracting the general audience. The theatrics of the plot where well-integrated in the book so it transferred very smoothly. As much as I love the first movie, this blows it away in a long shot. If you have not seen it yet, then cancel your plans for the day and go see it because it is way worth it!

A few lot of things I really liked about the movie:

  • Effie’s reaction to the reaping
  • Caesar Flickerman and the presentation stage
  • The unity of the tributes
  • The arena (duh!) and spinning cornucopia
  • Finnick in the arena
  • The lightening tree scene (exactly how I visualized it)
  • The collapse of the arena
  • Heavensbee’s disappearance
  • The rescue of Katniss and her reaction
  • The changing mockingjay symbol!!!
The things I was not expecting/didn’t really like:
  • Snow’s granddaughter (WHAAAATTTT?!?!?)
  • The cameras in Victor’s Village
  • The calling of Haymitch’s name before Peeta’s (yet understood & worked well)
  • Johanna’s cussing (very unexpected given target audience)
  • Johanna’s stripping (again very unexpected, but nicely played)
  • Mag’s death (stayed true to the book, but still sad)
  • The fact that it ended…OH THE FEELS!!! lol

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