Learning “Normal” Again

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

So this maybe a overly dramatic and obscene response to something that is not a big deal by any means, but that’s me, I make a big deal about of nothing…


So just recently, I went to the doctor’s again and leaned that I don’t have to wear that fracture boot anymore. Sadly thought, I had to pay $44 for something I only wore for 2 weeks, oh well! Now I can put a shoe on my foot again, get the foot wet, and actually stand on it. Although walking is difficult, even something like standing in the shower is huge (sorry for the tmi). The pain part though, I can stand again!. Although I still have to use the crutches, I can slowly put weight on it. So I should be definitely be walking by Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can get myself to running or biking again by mid to late December 🙂 While I will not be able to do marching band things for awhile, I think that some of what I learned while in band will help me like the dancing warm ups we used to help with band. Soon I can be what I’ve been craving for so long…normal…


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