God rocks geology

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

So as I write this, I should be studying for my geology test that I have tomorrow, but I am in the void where I am too tired to study, but too awake to sleep. It seems to be a rocky situation lol


Anyways, I have once again returned to the pondering question, “Why is God so important to me?” This would be an easy answer if I knew how to detail it. Simply put, God (religion in general) was the one constant thing my sophomore year when I sunk to my lowest and so every time I feel lost, I turn to the Bible. I have been make excuses lately for not reading like “I have too much homework” or “I’m too far behind to catch up on the reading plan.” I do believe 100% that when you stray from the Bible, God constantly reminds you inside to show how important His Word is. Its also not easy to dedicate myself when it feels like I am the only one who tries to be at least the denotative Christian. In reality, a true Christian should be more than the dictionary’s definition, they should make it obvious that Christ is in them and shinning like a beacon for others to find. Christ should be so deeply rooted that things like pornography or lust does not even cross a guy’s mind. With the world we live in unfortunately, sex is everywhere and testing our hearts every moment of every day. God is more than just a deity of a religion, He is Lord of all.

Probably one of the hardest times to be a Christian is when everyone who isn’t a fellow believer, mocks you and what you believe. Ironically, these are the same people who criticize Christians for not being more respectful of other people’s religions. If fitting in and “being cool” means to turn your back on God, be the outcast who walks in His light. People are going to laugh at you, mock you, and use the Lord’s name in vain around you simply because you’re a Christian and it bugs you, but if you hold your head up high and stay true to His Word, then you will be reassured in knowing that you will be by His side come Judgment Day.


Be like a geode, be tough because God rocks.


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