A Pain in the Boot

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

The more I progress in healing, the more I discover new pains that weren’t there before. They gave me the fracture boot to replace the stint so that my foot would heal faster and I would be able to let my leg breathe, not having to be wrapped up so much. This boot decreased some of the swelling, or at least moved it around, but it also made my foot sit at an uncomfortable angle. While it felt that my foot was being bent as high as a normal foot can bend (probably 30 degrees above normal), it was really just forcing my foot to sit flat. Well, my foot hated that. This instantly made my ankle tense up, but worse, it made some of my toes hurt. The only way it wouldn’t hurt so much would be if I had an ice pack on my toes all the time. This is difficult when you’re not at home. The small ice packs that would conveniently fit would get warm quickly and I would have to go to the nurses office to trade it out. I really do think they pitied my because I would always describe the pain as if it was getting worse. It was actually getting better and now it only occasionally hurts if I have my foot in the boot too long. As good as it is that my foot is healing relatively fast, I really cannot wait to return to work. As soon as I can stand for 2 or more hours, I will return. Words cannot describe how much I dislike having to have help to do the most simple of tasks. To make it worse, I had a dream last night that I could walk without the boot or crutches. Then I woke up and realized that it was just a dream.
So as I write this, the pain continues, as it will for weeks and weeks. There are a lot that makes life difficult, but not being able to walk has proven one of the most difficult when it comes to everyday tasks. So I will take this day for day and hope that normal comes sooner than anyone expects. I miss those Daily things… because this is a literal pain in the…boot.

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