A Refusal to be Stagnant

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

I feel like it is hard to really speak freely anymore. Once you write or express yourself in a certain way for so long, people start to hold you to a specific mold without thinking that you would ever ponder changing. It is like being chained to a preconceived thought created many years ago, but now the shackles have rusted and the irritated skin is now calloused. Sometimes you just have to change your environment, go a different way, or breathe a different air. It’s called living, and right now I feel like dying.

Now it may seem that I have not changed in forever when really, I changed completely sophomore year and decided to never look back. I am not the same person I was in elementary or middle school, I am not the same innocently introverted goody-two-shoes I was. and I am not the wide-eyed boy filled with curiosity like I once was. I changed in two distinctive ways:

  1. I accepted Christ, got baptized, and started to look at the world differently
  2. I got into a massive load of trouble at school for being too curious and had an awakening.
I will admit that I don’t follow life the way I should (I’m very much far from it), but I have indeed changed. I have experience in areas I never thought of back then, I have a more open outlook on life, I am far more educated, and have a distinct goal for my life. People will take this post different ways, but that is apart of life, it’s trial and tribulation. I try not to be a trend follower (hence the post), but the moment I realize I am a trend setter, I change my tune so that I don’t settle into a particular groove or expectation. I’ve said this before, but it is important to bring up again, settling = boring and boring = not living. So live.
Stagnant water creates a slippery slope of problems, but running water provides nutrients downwind.

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