Burn My Ashes on Monday

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Look upon the heavens and see
A world void of a peaceful sea.
The upset tide is coming in,
Meeting my life with an end.
This life I’ve known will see me go,
But worry not, no alarm will blow.

This is only farewell from this fair living,
I shall come back when there is singing.
So out with the tide I go,
This life I will not know.
The storm is going away,
Calming winds in a gentle sway.

The tide is coming in,
So on this land I will be again.
From the shore I will go,
From the church bells will toll.
For worship a crowd will grow,
For me silence will flow.

Rejoice and be happy on Sunday,
So you may burn my ashes on Monday.


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