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So for my first response paper in History, I only had one section of my paper done last night and had to do the rest earlier this morning. This made me very glad that I knew history because at the last-minute, I added details like “E pluribus ulum” which means “from one, is many”. This helped when talking about the melting pot of America, although that isn’t really used a lot until the 19th century when a vast amount of immigrants come over, like the Irish after the Irish Potato Famine. This doesn’t really have to do with the “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”, I just thought it’d make a creative title 😛

As for Wrecking Ball, it really is a deep and creative song, one that should be appreciated for the story behind it. BUT… the music video of her swinging on a wrecking ball naked is going a bit too far. I’m sure there are a lot of guys who will be against the hate simply because she’s naked, but they have to realize that little kids, especially preteen girls see this. Although this is meant to be creative, girls should take common sense into consideration and realize that you don’t need to be naked to express yourself, of course scandalously dressing in only under garments isn’t any better. People have to remember that while the world is becoming more liberal in allowing what can and cannot be shown on the t.v., there are still plenty of conservative people who will look down on her because of what she is doing now. This also gives guys the wrong impression on how girls should look. Of course, to y’all who read this, this really doesn’t need any further explanation. Still though, this should be really teaching girls how NOT to express yourself or else you’ll be mainly seen as a sex object. While I say all this criticism, I must say, I do respect Miley Cyrus for being able to deal with these critics head on even with this video and her recent break up. She was raised better than most kids in her business were. This, I attribute to Billy Ray Cyrus’s bringing up and hopefully will trickle down to her later down the road. Maybe we will all be able to forget how somebody wrecked her and gave her the option to rebel in this crazy fashion…


Why study history?

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Sharing History

I have always been interested in American History. As a kid, I loved reading stories about the past, visiting museums, and imagining what it must have been like to live in different times and places. In college, I thought I’d major in history because I’d be able to go on field trips, maybe dig up a few artifacts, read through dusty tomes in archives, and maybe even do some reenacting. I spun that inherent interest in to a successful undergrad career and yet, I never knew that history was my calling until I started reading about public history. Books like Michael Frisch’s A Shared Authority, David Thelen and Roy Rosenzweig’s Presence of the Past, and courses in museum practice made it clear to me that there was more to history as a profession than pursuing one’s interest in history to its own end.

Rather, to study and talk about…

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A Friendly Revival

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Take my pulse and you will find no beat,
Tear me open and you will find no soul,
Touch my body and you will find no bone,
Teach me everything and you will find nothing.

Give me a beat and you will find a pulse,
Lend me a soul and you will find me complete,
Be my brace and you will find my body,
Hold back nothing and you will find everything.



P.S. This is an exception to the Refusal post, this is top of the head randomness that really does mean nothing

A Refusal to be Stagnant

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I feel like it is hard to really speak freely anymore. Once you write or express yourself in a certain way for so long, people start to hold you to a specific mold without thinking that you would ever ponder changing. It is like being chained to a preconceived thought created many years ago, but now the shackles have rusted and the irritated skin is now calloused. Sometimes you just have to change your environment, go a different way, or breathe a different air. It’s called living, and right now I feel like dying.

Now it may seem that I have not changed in forever when really, I changed completely sophomore year and decided to never look back. I am not the same person I was in elementary or middle school, I am not the same innocently introverted goody-two-shoes I was. and I am not the wide-eyed boy filled with curiosity like I once was. I changed in two distinctive ways:

  1. I accepted Christ, got baptized, and started to look at the world differently
  2. I got into a massive load of trouble at school for being too curious and had an awakening.
I will admit that I don’t follow life the way I should (I’m very much far from it), but I have indeed changed. I have experience in areas I never thought of back then, I have a more open outlook on life, I am far more educated, and have a distinct goal for my life. People will take this post different ways, but that is apart of life, it’s trial and tribulation. I try not to be a trend follower (hence the post), but the moment I realize I am a trend setter, I change my tune so that I don’t settle into a particular groove or expectation. I’ve said this before, but it is important to bring up again, settling = boring and boring = not living. So live.
Stagnant water creates a slippery slope of problems, but running water provides nutrients downwind.

The Silent Puncture

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Nobody saw it coming, no one said a word.
Filled with vibrant life, filled now with life blurred.
The shiny dagger tore, the life now ending.
One last gasp of life, one more day descending.
This kiss of death, this seal of fate.
Looking at my love, looking at my Watergate.
Seeing our future, seeing my past.
Suddenly surprised, suddenly ghast-ly.
Falling from heaven, falling from grace.
Never saw it coming, Never saw Lucifer’s face.
Praising her love, praising our bond.
Silent is the puncture, silent is the blonde.

Look upon the heavens and see
A world void of a peaceful sea.
The upset tide is coming in,
Meeting my life with an end.
This life I’ve known will see me go,
But worry not, no alarm will blow.

This is only farewell from this fair living,
I shall come back when there is singing.
So out with the tide I go,
This life I will not know.
The storm is going away,
Calming winds in a gentle sway.

The tide is coming in,
So on this land I will be again.
From the shore I will go,
From the church bells will toll.
For worship a crowd will grow,
For me silence will flow.

Rejoice and be happy on Sunday,
So you may burn my ashes on Monday.

Routine City

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Something happened that I didn’t expect to happen when I came back, I wanted to go back to Abilene.
I guess it could be that Abilene was a change of scenery, but it was an escape from the norm. I’ve always thought as Abilene as a boring college town with nothing to do, but when I came back to Richland Hills, I realized that here is where there is really nothing to do. Everything that was interesting, I’ve already done. I think I am finally ready to go to a college that is away from this area. Even somewhere as close as UTA or UNT would be great, just as long as it wasn’t here. I have a feeling that I am out growing this small city as if things finally feel…ready.
As we were driving back through, there weren’t any crazy amounts of lights, random happenings, fairs, or anything, just people going through their routine lifestyles. Living life in a boring routine.
I know this is a short post, but it is just something that had to get out…