Work First. Live Later.

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is probably the best fitting, yet most annoying thing that is taken to heart in my family. Although I really hate it sometimes, it’s really true. Work should come first because you are getting paid. Socializing comes later when work is not an option. This becomes challenging when you have friends who always want to hang out with you, but can’t because you’re always working. As much as I love being around people, that money is nice. Sure I don’t get paid as much as most people, I still get paid a pretty good amount. I get paid to deal with some of the rudest, stuck up, self-centered people in the world. They don’t know that they just get laughed at when they leave because to keep us focused, we have to find a way to feel better faster.
The “work first” motto really started with my grandpa who would work all day with his business of metal fabrication and then have additional projects on the side like repair tvs only to sell them again. I’ve heard stories where he wouldn’t come home until late at night only to leave early in the morning. That is just how it was way back then. My dad was basically forced into the way of life so the motto is engraved into his view setting of life. As for me, it is still optional, but I try to apply it as much as possible because while friends are important to hang out with and to socialize with, work should come first no matter what. I will probably lose friends that way, but so be it because I would rather loose friends than loose a job that I like which gives me a decent pay. Real friends work around it and have jobs of their own. Cancelling a day of going to the park or seeing is a movie is less damaging than cancelling work because you don’t get paid at the park. Very few things take a high priority than work. Whether its school or something scheduled a month in advanced, only a few things are worth losing money over. The everyday stuff can change like the wind, it’s the stuff that pays that which is the upmost important.

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