It’s CFA, Not McDonalds

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are a few things I’ve noticed about people who come to CFA:
  1. Some people still seem to think that although it’s called CHICK-fil-a, we sell hamburgers.
  2. They seem to think we are brain-dead idiots who can’t get anything right with their orders or names.
  3. Just because we get one thing wrong or there’s something you disagree with, it’s okay to talk down to us or have an attitude.
  4. When there is something wrong, it seems to be perfectly understandable to interrupt while we are helping another customer.
  5. Leaving trash in front of the drink towers is perfectly acceptable.
The first one is probably the funniest because it’s one some never wrap their minds around. I don’t know how clear we can make it, CFA is a CHICKEN restaurant. I mean, we have the original chicken sandwich, there’s a chicken in our logo,  and every food item on our menu has chicken. It’s like just because this is America, every place should have hamburgers. We are not McDonalds, we sell chicken, not beef.
The second note annoys me most of all. Just because we work at a fast food restaurant, it doesn’t mean we will work there forever and don’t plan on bigger dreams. When people want to be successful in a social environment in the future, they work at CFA. There is a reason why there are always new faces year to year, we all have plans to go elsewhere in life. Most of us have done AP or honor classes and can problem solve better the majority of the customers who come by. Although we get stressed out at high maintenance people, most are sharply dressed because they have expectations set at a high bar because they know we will deliver. CFA is popular for a reason, we are a well oiled machine.
This doesn’t happen with every customer, but with the occasional one, we will get someone who thinks they are better than us because they don’t work at a fast food place (if you need to be shown you’re wrong for thinking that, please feel free to revert back to the previous paragraph). We are not perfect androids who can execute an order with 100% efficiency, but we will try to be that way. We will mess up on understanding you, give you the wrong drink, get the change wrong, forget a comment to add/leave something to/off your meal, make the icedream weird, and etc. So like you, we are far from perfect. If something does go wrong, we will go out of our way to make things better. Also, if you give us attitude, we won’t show it, but we will highly doubt your maturity. Lastly, no matter what you do, you cannot get under most of our skins.
Being interrupted by a previous customer who had something wrong with their meal while helping another one who is at the register is always awkward. This happened tonight and a couple of times before. I don’t care if a fly landed in your drink or you got pickles left off your sandwich, it’s just plain rude. Not to mention the awkwardness that we have to deal with because we are trying to serve another customer who has spent time in line to only wait more because you cannot wait until I am available again. It looks bad on us because we have to ignore who we were just helping to deal with this now inconvenient customer. We will get to you, we will even let you cut in front of someone else just to help you, but you look bad if you’re going to cut into what we are doing with a “me first” attitude.
Lastly, the biggest annoyance to everyone who works for CFA is the amount of people who leave straw wrappers behind the drink towers or in the holes in the counters. Because we aren’t able to see it immediately to take care of it, it will go unnoticed for at least 30 minutes until someone wipes down the counters. This makes us look bad because it gives the perception that CFA is a trashy place, when really we try hard to look as clean as possible. As for the holes in the counter, they are not little trash cans made perfectly convenient for straw wrappers, the holes are where registers used to be. So if at all possible, dispose wrappers in trash cans, not wherever convenient.
Now that I am done with my little rant, I must say that it is really fun to work at CFA because of the people you work with understand the stress you’re in because they went through and had to deal with the same kinds of customers. Not to mention that the owners completely understand that they work with all teenagers so we won’t always see the right decision or have the right answer. Plus the owner is still like a teen still being laid back and being laid back. It really is like a family, minus seeing each other everyday, including Sundays.

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