Peaceful Chaos

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have discovered that when I am by myself or with a certain friend, I am very relaxed, but when I am at work, I am very energetic. Now while I may get weird looks for being this way, I have discovered that not being the only crazy one who can’t settle down can be reassuring. My mind is constantly racing at certain parts of the day which helps with being as quick as possible at CFA. When I am feeling slow or at peace, I work and think best alone. This doesn’t mean that I try to push people away, it just means that anything I want to get done, I work best without the distractions of society. When I am feeling peaceful, I’ll usually be doing one of four things: sleeping, reading, watching t.v., or just thinking. I have learned that it is hard to read when you are texting people so usually my responses tend to kill the conversation just as a way to give me time to read more. I don’t try to be rude about it because then that would be pointless, but rather I try to ease myself out of it so I can conjure images of what is going on within the novel.

I’m not always like this with some friends. With some, I become a boring person who just goes along with whatever they feel like doing at the time just because I have no stored energy. When I do and I have to be boring, I’ll become really random and may weird the person out due to my lack of interest in the matter or I’ll drift off into space thinking about anything that is currently going on somewhere else. The point is though, I live the best when I am alone. There is just something about a quiet solitude that makes any room have a tranquil environment. Some interaction with people is a good thing, but only so much can go on before you must wane yourself off of the nipple of the societal feeding bottle and ingest some real food for the mind.


To find yourself is to loose everything else.


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