Every Road Leads to Lonesome Drive

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the change in the wind, or maybe it’s just a detour in life.

No matter who I’m with or what I do, I always find myself being a lone wolf of sorts because that’s just how the tide rolls.

I know that I can never truly be happy in life because to be completely happy is to settle and I haven’t reached my goals or potentials yet that I would settle for. Although I know that my goals don’t have anything to do why I’m always alone. The reason why I’m always alone is because there is always something that happens (usually by me) that leads to the destruction whether on purpose or completely on accident. It would probably be better if I was single for a long time, but meanwhile I would never be satisfied enough to be happy without someone to share it with. With that said, I’m sure I’ll be completely happy and want to settle down eventually, but right now is the time to explore and live for me so if I’m discontented with life, then I will explore and be free if I choose. The only thing that can stop me is myself.


This doesn’t mean I am choosing to give up on life now, only that no matter what I do, I will, at the end, be single and alone. Could it be a sign? Who knows? What I do know is that while being single is inevitable, I’m still going to do what I do best, live.


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