The Ambiguous Death of the Curious Cat

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

We all know of the curiosity that killed the stupid good-for-nothing fur ball of a feline, but curiosity also killed the interest of people who you know too much about. So essentially, curiosity of a serial killer.

Everyone has an interesting side to them until you ask all the questions and they become a boring dull like the person you so often think you are when you claim you have no life. When it comes to friends, best friends will always try to change something of the environment to keep things interesting and actually try for there not to be a dull moment. For everyone else, once it gets dull, it stays dull. Even if they are fascinated with you, you will become dull. This especially applies to people you fall in love with, having a dull moment when conversing shows there are holes in the connecting. That is usually something to think about, but when you have dull moments in person, that should be a serious concern because that shows that it will not last forever so enjoy it while it lasts.

On a side note, in the teenage years, we as teens should not be looking at someone we are dating as the person we will marry, but instead we should just look at the person as a friend that will come and go, here to have fun with in the now. I find the idea that we should look at the person we are dating as our potential soul mate is completely absurd because the person we are with now will most likely not be there in ten or so years. While I do say this, let me also say that there is nothing wrong with falling in love in hope for a long term future with someone. This idea just doesn’t work with me. I believe we are still too young to settle down, especially me. We should be making mistakes and living life, not settling down fast forwarding to the monotonous boredom known as adulthood.

Anyways… curiosity is the death of every friendship unless it is to explore a new adventure. Life is meant to be lived and explored. So live it.

Every day is a new adventure…live your life while you still can.


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