DCI: The Ultimate Band Dream

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

So today, I went to the live broadcasting of the DCI World Championship Quarterfinals at Rave…

Event Ticket – $15.00

Sprite ICEE – $6.50

Medium popcorn – $5.00

Medium Coke – $4.75

Total: $31.25 (YIKES!!!! 😥    )

Seeing the world’s best bands live including 2 people I graduated with: Priceless


Now too bad the priceless part doesn’t equal the cost of the very fattening food which could have easily been avoided if I completely thought it through. The sad thing is, it all for me.


Back to DCI. It started counting down from the 15th ranked band which was okay, but I was mesmerized by the band that were called the Troopers. They were dressed in 1800s style U.S. Calvary uniforms and their show was pretty dang cool to say the least, but then again, all the shows were because that is how DCI is.

The next best shows pretty much in an indecisive tie are the Cavaliers’ “Secret Society”, the Crossmen’s “Protest”, Boston Crusaders’ “Rise”, and the Bluecoats’ “…To Look for America”. These are all really well done for different reasons, especially when the Crossmen use an all-female guard. Now I would link each show for easy convenience, and maybe later I will, but for now because I’m posting this past midnight, I may do that another time.  For now, trust me to know it is good 😛

By far the best of the night that I saw was the Santa Clara Vanguard’s production titled “Les Miserables” using the music from the musical as source music giving it an upbeat and fast paced feel. This is contradicted in several parts, but mostly noted at the Bring Him Home segment where it is a mellophone  soloist with the guard and front ensemble while the band hides behind props at the back of the field. The whole orchestration of the production is magnificent and I would be surprised if they were not in the top 5 at the end of Saturday when the finals occur.

Without further ado… the Santa Clara Vanguard production of “Les Mis” (4 days earlier)

Les Miserables


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