A Note Upon a Wasted Life

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Don’t give up on life, if you aspire for greatness, obtain it through hard work and dedication.


I see this happen to several people every year and it is probably one of the biggest pet peeves of mine that really has nothing to do with me. If you’re going to start off in something challenging with the idea that you are going to work your hardest in, it makes you look like you’ve given up on life by giving up on the challenge at hand.

Whether it is that you move from one week to the next, fall to spring semester, year to year, or one school to the next, that is no excuse to give up. If you refuse to try, you refuse to succeed. I count that as a fact of life. This is especially true for people who give up on the so called “gifted and talented” and the Advanced Placement classes. Honestly, if you cannot remain afloat in these college-prep classes, why in the world would you even consider going to college? These classes are purposely to challenge and push you to greater heights than you can get in a normal class. Barely passing these classes is commendable because that means you tried to hold your ground the best you could. But if you refuse to attempt it when you know you could handle the task, then you are a failure to yourself and the greater person you could become. Education is a gift, it is our duty to grasp it with full potential and run with it as far as humanly possible settling for nothing but greatness.

If you don’t try for a degree at a university, or attempt to dream big, you end up settling for something like a mediocre job or worse, a job like McDonalds serving fattening food to those on the path to a far away goal. Then again, those striving for bigger goals are eating at healthier places to keep both their minds and bodies healthy. If you look at life with a choice of a degree at a university or McDonalds, you take on the world more aggressively and choose to fight for your place in the hierarchy level of society.

Choose wisely.


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