That One Blond Best friend (or several)

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

I made this realization rather quite recently, but most of my best friends who I was close and were girls, were blond. I find that ironic because almost all of my friends are quite intelligent and that is partly why I am friends with them in the first place. It is completely unintentional that they are all blond, by the way.
It all started back in elementary with Brianna who I ended up being in Bobcat’s Best like 3-4 years in a row except for 5th grade (which I still think is stupid). We ended up hanging around each other so much that in 5th grade, people thought we were “dating”. Now I’m not even going to bother what it meant to be dating in elementary school, I really have no idea. Of course, embarrassed of the attention, we drifted away to let the rumor die down. It wasn’t until probably senior year that we talked a lot again simply because we had economics together. Then we graduated, and like everyone, we drifted again.
Around the same time in 5th grade, I was friends with Savannah who I occasionally talked to simply because she was friends with Danny. We only talked ever so often afterwards, but was only sort of close for that one year.
Next is Marina. Anyways,  she was the one who got me out of listening to the old country music I was brain-washed on. Before anything happened though, she moved at the end of 8th grade.
Then there was the high school friends. 8th grade ended sometime at the end of May and on the first of June, my future in high school started. During June Camp, I learned several things: 1) Marching euphoniums are really heaving to someone with no muscle mass, 2) Marching band can be hard when you’re not used to moving and playing, and lastly, 3) Brazilian girls can be attractive yet feisty. That brings me to Gabby. She was not only my first girlfriend, but I learned a lot from the week and a half I “dated” her, like Brazilians are demons when mad, they never are completely satisfied, and she will always be the one girl I will never understand. Oh and if you accidently hit her with a soccer ball, apologize and then run for your life because when she’s mad, you’re about to die.
During sophomore year, I met probably the craziest girl I have ever known, Skyler. As one to question everything, she opened my eyes to the reality of life and taught me that it really is okay to live a little. Looking at the world in a different perspective taught me that not everything is in the narrow-minded way I thought so before. I could go on and on about the abstract things that have gone on, but that would probably bore people to tears simply because most are just an analysis different subjects and the philosophical aspect of the subject. What is mildly interesting to us is boring to the world because to live freely, you must first learn to let go of the psychological constraints of the world.
Being a senior,  I was also got to mentor freshmen and even became friends with some, one being Carlee. Curiosity is always an interest in multitudes of people and being band nerds helped being friends.
Before I get to my last blond best friend, I should probably take this time to say that there were other best friends. Those were Danny, Bree, Dylan, Chris, Vanessa, Ivana, Katherine (band), Danielle, Jacob, Jeremy, Austin, Carolina, Jesus, Casey, Nick, Dylan, Raul, Andrew, and Ryan. Also, following my tradition of being very generic, I purposely didn’t put too much information on people because I wanted to keep it chronological.
Anyways, I just started working at Chick-fil-a where I became friends with one of the people instructed to teach me the ropes. Now being surrounded by girls is nothing new given that’s how it was in my Education and Training class. Anywho, my one friend from work is named Katherine, not to be confused with the one from band.  Anyways, it’s fun because we both make some of the people at work mad who tend to assume that just because we have been there a couple weeks, we should know everything by now, but the thing is, we don’t. Now when someone gets frustrated with us, we just joke about it because it is pointless to rebut. Its easy to see how much alike we are simply because we just don’t care. Oddly enough, we live near each other which rarely happens with best friends I have. Too bad she freaking quit 😛
Well as for my future friends, I’m sure the majority of them will blond, but we’ll just have to see.
Friends come and go, but best friends last a lifetime.

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