Growing Up is Over-Rated

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Back when I was younger, I had this idea that growing up would be so much fun because I could have a car, get a job, and have money to go places I never could as a little kid. Then I grew up. I still don’t have a car, but I have a job. Although I’m fairly new at it still, I am beginning to see why being a kid was so much fun, you got to take doing absolutely nothing and being lazy for granted with no consequences. Don’t get me wrong, while I really want to go back to being a kid without a care in the world, I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. Chick-fil-a lets me be more social than I even was in band and only one person there knows me from growing up so there isn’t much to worry about. My only regret is not applying sooner.
Anyways, I am also glad that I grew up in the time I did because we saw the end of the classic cartoons that gave way to the trashy and boring shows they call “reality shows” and cartoons that are over filled with messages of love, kindness, and tolerance towards others. A prime example is Spongebob. In the beginning of the series, it was full of sexually-related references full of juvenile humor perfect for the teens watching it. For the record though, I never cared for the illogical idea that a talking sponge could live in a pineapple anchored at the bottom of the sea who can make hamburgers in a lobster trap whose friends with a squid, starfish, and a squirrel in a scuba suit. Not to mention Spongebob’s job is immaturely named “Bikini Bottom” and the owner is a crab. (Incase you didn’t catch it, it’s a crab in the bottom of a bikini…) It’s not rocket science to figure out, but it makes you thinking “wow…that’s so mature (NOT!)” Along with that, we had Rugrats, which were just adventurous babies getting into trouble who turned into awkward preteens in the later spinoff, All Grown Up. Then again, we all turned out like that in the end. We also had CatDog, Rocket Power, CLASSIC Pokémon, and Zoom. Plus, not to forget the original X-men cartoons that ran every Saturday.
Now it’s full of things like Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of places-no-one-cares-about, and Teen Moms. Anyone who lives in a normal sense of reality knows that these shows are just over-hyped dramas created because someone was bored and has too much money to waste. They are not educational unless you plan on being an Neanderthal and possess a fake personality. Sadly, this is what our world has come to, meaningless shows and everything is hosted by our very own Caesar Flickerman, Ryan Seacrest. It’s just not what we used to have anymore.
Now, I’ve graduated, got a job, and planning for the rest of my life as my childhood dwindles down to the occasional reflection with friends of long ago.
My childhood was rated G, preteens were PG, the adult years maybe rated R, but as for growing up, that will forever be over-rated. 

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