Obscured Reflections

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

It is always hard to justify my thoughts, especially penning them to either paper or on this blog, but they reflect based on one or more aspects of logical analyzes nonetheless. Whenever I am with friends, I purposely keep them separate from each other because I believe that it is best to treat everyone with top importance, but it is not so easily done without some experience. Because the diversity of friends I possess is quite a stretch across the social spectrum, I do not bring others up because it is usually not necessary or wanted. There will always be the people who judge me for what I have done and the company I keep because the friendships I have with some people are not always viewed as logically acceptable to others. If I have friends who are generally classified as “players”, they are not accepted by friends who are conservative minded or feminists. I am simply a mediator who is just glad to have friends. I have friends who want everything to do with me and others who want very little. I believe a moderation of that is good and that any extreme can be overwhelming. Choose your friends wisely because everyone is judged by the company they keep.

As for the reflections of friends, whether it is slightly obsessed and private friends or the carefree socialites, a mix of both keep life interesting. Changing who you are will only leave you with no friends in the end. People want someone who is constant and real, basically opposite of what you learn in high school. People will always judge you even after high school and you can either find it offensive or roll with it to move on. If people do not approve or get tired of you, do not fret, there are billions of other people looking for a friend. And if you try analyzing this post, most likely you will not find it because the source is obviously obscured in my reflection. To accept reality as it is, is to accept normalcy although we are all abnormal.


Like looking down at a pond after an object struck the surface of the calm and still water, life is full of ribbons of waves that obscure our true reflections on life making us human; imperfect.


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