Not Ideal, Just Me

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

I find that one of the things that bug me the most is when people label me because I know I wont meet their ideals and therefore it in a way limits my creativity. Being the best this or the perfect that prevents the ability to improve and to grow. The only thing to do then is to disappoint people who placed you on that high horse/pedestal. So in a way, being the best at something can really be the worst thing ever. I know its best to be optimistic in life because that will make your life more enjoyable, but lets take a moment and look at the glass as not just half empty, but completely desolate of substances. If you try to label me, I will ruin it. Mostly it will be on accident, but if you start to practically worship me, I will ruin your image of me for the fun of it so I can breathe more comfortably. So while you’re thinking I’m the best this, just remember, there will come a time that will make you question your own judgement. I don’t want people to be happy with who I am, but rather accept my faults and move on. Life will be better and you will feel more free. I am a tumbleweed in your lifetime. I’m happy just being me, knowing my faults, but still looking forward.

I am a person, not an inanimate object. Therefore I do not require a label to tell me who I am.

In case you’re wondering why I wrote this rant, worry not, I wrote it because I’m bored.


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