Doing What I Do Best

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Lately I’ve gotten back into the habit of doing what I do best, reading…

In elementary, I first started reading. Well duh, so does everyone. But in around 5th grade, I started reading more and more on my own finding various things I liked. First it was newspapers, comic books, and stories from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. (Yes, I was that much of a nerd, go figure). Anyways, in middle school I started to seriously read larger books like 1776 and John Adams by David McCullough. It took me months to read those because I couldn’t comprehend that much, at that age, for so long in one sitting. In high school, it was mostly various assigned books mostly being novels I could care less about. Although the one series that caused me to read for fun again was the Hunger Games. Anyone who knows me personally knows I don’t shut up about THG no matter how much they wish I would.

Now I’ve been two series at once because both have movies coming out soon. The two series are Divergent and Mortal Instruments. Reading City of Bones first, I thought it was super weird because I’m not entirely into the magical stuff, but the way it was written was excellent! I also started with Bones because I didn’t think Divergent would be as interesting, I was wrong. Divergent has to be one of my favorite series of all time, second to THG. Maybe its the dystopian setting, but still amazing. I finished Insurgent at like 2 a.m. and was disappointed to find out that the third book, Allegiant, won’t be out until October 22. Boo! 😦 Now I am reading City of Ashes, the sequel to Bones.

As for the movies, the City of Bones movies looks really good, especially the trailer. As for Divergent, there’s no trailer that I know of yet, but the pics look cool and I was excited to know that the actress who plays Beatrice/”Tris” is going to do her own stunts. I only wish she died her hair blond to hold true to the book.

I shall update later on City of Ashes and the rest of the series later!!!


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