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Obscured Reflections

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

It is always hard to justify my thoughts, especially penning them to either paper or on this blog, but they reflect based on one or more aspects of logical analyzes nonetheless. Whenever I am with friends, I purposely keep them separate from each other because I believe that it is best to treat everyone with top importance, but it is not so easily done without some experience. Because the diversity of friends I possess is quite a stretch across the social spectrum, I do not bring others up because it is usually not necessary or wanted. There will always be the people who judge me for what I have done and the company I keep because the friendships I have with some people are not always viewed as logically acceptable to others. If I have friends who are generally classified as “players”, they are not accepted by friends who are conservative minded or feminists. I am simply a mediator who is just glad to have friends. I have friends who want everything to do with me and others who want very little. I believe a moderation of that is good and that any extreme can be overwhelming. Choose your friends wisely because everyone is judged by the company they keep.

As for the reflections of friends, whether it is slightly obsessed and private friends or the carefree socialites, a mix of both keep life interesting. Changing who you are will only leave you with no friends in the end. People want someone who is constant and real, basically opposite of what you learn in high school. People will always judge you even after high school and you can either find it offensive or roll with it to move on. If people do not approve or get tired of you, do not fret, there are billions of other people looking for a friend. And if you try analyzing this post, most likely you will not find it because the source is obviously obscured in my reflection. To accept reality as it is, is to accept normalcy although we are all abnormal.


Like looking down at a pond after an object struck the surface of the calm and still water, life is full of ribbons of waves that obscure our true reflections on life making us human; imperfect.


The First Couple of Days

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Maybe it is too soon to write this by a day, but I’ve already learned so much at Chick-fil-a. The first day I was just in the office watching videos about how certain things are done. Most of it was what I wasn’t going to do. Since I am in the front, most of what I had to learn was on the spot and in action. I got behind the counter yesterday (Friday) and had a lot of fun with it because although it made me insanely nervous, it was exciting conquering this task. I did get to see a couple of people who I knew and some had to have a second glance to really see that it was me. Also, something to note, apparently most people do not close once on their first week on the job, let alone twice. If I am lucky, I will get to do this for awhile because it truly is fun and exciting 🙂 Round two of the adventure starts tonight! I seriously can’t wait! Geronimo!!!!!

Not Ideal, Just Me

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I find that one of the things that bug me the most is when people label me because I know I wont meet their ideals and therefore it in a way limits my creativity. Being the best this or the perfect that prevents the ability to improve and to grow. The only thing to do then is to disappoint people who placed you on that high horse/pedestal. So in a way, being the best at something can really be the worst thing ever. I know its best to be optimistic in life because that will make your life more enjoyable, but lets take a moment and look at the glass as not just half empty, but completely desolate of substances. If you try to label me, I will ruin it. Mostly it will be on accident, but if you start to practically worship me, I will ruin your image of me for the fun of it so I can breathe more comfortably. So while you’re thinking I’m the best this, just remember, there will come a time that will make you question your own judgement. I don’t want people to be happy with who I am, but rather accept my faults and move on. Life will be better and you will feel more free. I am a tumbleweed in your lifetime. I’m happy just being me, knowing my faults, but still looking forward.

I am a person, not an inanimate object. Therefore I do not require a label to tell me who I am.

Animal I Have Become

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Help me believe it’s not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal
This animal I have become…

Everyone struggles with something and they either cave in to its pressures or persevere to overcome the challenge. Certain things are short term, others are long term. One in particular has been going on for about 7 years now and I do not plan on letting it go to its 8th. I’ll try to be as generic as possible because I do not think it would be right or mature to be so blunt about it. As I have grown closer with God recently through devotionals, I have found that I can be happier longer without the constant thoughts and feelings. This whole idea that we need something that lasts for a short time to bring us plesure makes us ignorant fools for not seeing that our sole source of pleasure should be God’s forgiveness and grace. We,as Christians, need to cry out to Jesus and not to worldly pleasures. Lust makes us empty, but God makes us whole.

For help: Proverbs 3:5, 1 Peter 5:7, Isaiah 26:4, Philippians 4:4, John 3:16, & Matthew 9:6-8.

Doing What I Do Best

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Lately I’ve gotten back into the habit of doing what I do best, reading…

In elementary, I first started reading. Well duh, so does everyone. But in around 5th grade, I started reading more and more on my own finding various things I liked. First it was newspapers, comic books, and stories from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. (Yes, I was that much of a nerd, go figure). Anyways, in middle school I started to seriously read larger books like 1776 and John Adams by David McCullough. It took me months to read those because I couldn’t comprehend that much, at that age, for so long in one sitting. In high school, it was mostly various assigned books mostly being novels I could care less about. Although the one series that caused me to read for fun again was the Hunger Games. Anyone who knows me personally knows I don’t shut up about THG no matter how much they wish I would.

Now I’ve been two series at once because both have movies coming out soon. The two series are Divergent and Mortal Instruments. Reading City of Bones first, I thought it was super weird because I’m not entirely into the magical stuff, but the way it was written was excellent! I also started with Bones because I didn’t think Divergent would be as interesting, I was wrong. Divergent has to be one of my favorite series of all time, second to THG. Maybe its the dystopian setting, but still amazing. I finished Insurgent at like 2 a.m. and was disappointed to find out that the third book, Allegiant, won’t be out until October 22. Boo! 😦 Now I am reading City of Ashes, the sequel to Bones.

As for the movies, the City of Bones movies looks really good, especially the trailer. As for Divergent, there’s no trailer that I know of yet, but the pics look cool and I was excited to know that the actress who plays Beatrice/”Tris” is going to do her own stunts. I only wish she died her hair blond to hold true to the book.

I shall update later on City of Ashes and the rest of the series later!!!

October when it comes…

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So today has by far been the worst day of my life. I always thought hanging with your friends in the mall would be harmless, that is until they do something stupid. Me being me, I wasn’t dumb enough to get myself in trouble, but what I didn’t know is that being in the group of dumb people can get you in trouble too.

What were my imbecile friends doing? Horseplaying and creating a scene in several stores. How does this involve me? Wrong time, wrong place. Because I was around them when they were caught, they punished me too. Now I can’t go to the mall for 3 whole months except for work related things of which I haven’t even gotten a job yet. This just sucks and October better come quickly…

On my 15th birthday, I was baptized. During a civil war of my consciousness I was having, I accepted Christ. I did not completely comprehend why I wanted to get baptized because I really had no idea what it fully meant and knew that I wouldn’t be as willing to follow Jesus as much as I needed to, I only knew that I needed God completely at a time that felt so lonely. Over time I have learned more and more just how important accepting God into my life during that void was. At the time, I tried to find a verse that would mean a lot to me in my own way so I thought of Joshua 11:15,

Just as the Lord had commanded Moses his servant, so Moses commanded Joshua, and so Joshua did; he left nothing undone of all that the Lord had commanded Moses.

Originally, I chose it because it had my name and the date of my birthday, but the longer I thought about it, the more I began to really understand the meaning behind it. To follow completely by faith is something I constantly struggle with, but I think that through teaching, I am meant to lead people to greater things in the way Moses led people to the Promise Land. Spiritually, I am to lead people to Christ to spread His greatness.

And He will be the stability of your times. A wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; The fear of the Lord is his treasure.” – Isaiah 33:12