Man of Steel controversy

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Before I explain the scene, I must say that I thought Man of Steel is probably the best DC movie beating the Dark Knight trilogy by far. Now for the explanation, it does contain a spoiler.
So in the scene towards the end when Superman battles General Zod and they end up in Grand Central Station, to save this trapped family from being killed by Zod, Superman breaks Zod’s neck and kills him. Apparently die-hard fans (not me) are pretty upset about it because supposedly, Superman never kills anyone no matter how evil they are. While everyone seems to have a problem with it, I don’t. Chris Nolan and whatever-the-director’s-name-is wanted to make the movie realistic and it can’t be realistic if the super-powered bad person doesn’t die. In my opinion, I think it makes Superman’s character stronger and his morals more real. Especially. When he cries out of anger, I think it shows his shame in having to sacrifice Zod, the only other Kryptonian with equal power, in order to save a couple of humans. The sacrifice of one to save many is seen a lot throughout movies, but it really stands out in this movie. So while some may argue that this scene ruins the movie, I disagree and believe that it certainly strengthens and adds depth to the storyline and certainly brings realism to a guy who flies around in tights in a cape.


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