“No legacy is as rich as honesty.” – William Shakespeare

As the days dwindle down until the flickering flame of my years in high school flickers its last flick at graduation, I look back at the years since freshman year when I was this scrawny white kid fresh out of middle school trying to hold this monster of an instrument called a marching euphonium. Of course I failed miserably with no upper muscle strength in existence, but that only challenged me to do the crazy thing of trying again, basically the definition of insanity explains it the best; doing the same thing repetitious expecting different results. Then I would have never imagined that I’d be the one to dance in the middle of my senior marching show lifting that same instrument in the air as a main character sharing the spotlight with the dancing queen of guard. Although the only time she seemed like she didn’t hate me was when I failed (which was a lot), it was still an awesome experience for me to help get me out of my comfort zone. The weirdest advice I was ever given as a result was “act more gay” which was hard for me at first, but apparently it just meant I had to loosen up. Made for quite an interesting experience. Anyways….. I haven’t had the best of memories all the time with some I’d be thrilled to take back, but the past is the past and we can’t take it back. Out of all the friends I’ve lost and gain, I wouldn’t change the bulk of things because I believe that it has worked out for the best. Now its time to focus on band banquet, prom (sadly still dateless :/ ), and finally graduation. For now though, I’ll just go with the flow and handle these day-to-day things one at a time.


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