What is love?

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Love means anything from a strong friendship to paternal affections to sexual attractions or desires for someone. No matter how its defined, love comes and goes and with it sways our emotions. Like the tides of the water, our affection towards someone comes and goes. I thought “love” died off when I was treated the hurtful way I was, but everyday, like a haunting ghost, she floats in and out of my thoughts. I honestly thought I was over her, but even with all the denial, its clear I’m not. Maybe this affection will die off for a little bit or even forever, who knows. With my luck, forever & always will hold true like the promise we made to each other. No human will ever know, only God. While I envy him, I do not hate him. I have faith he’ll treat her right. If she’s happier with him, who am I to say who she should be with? As much as we’d hope, we both knew we wouldn’t end up together. I believed though that it was worth ignoring the inevitable and mask my heart with a lie. While the affections were real, the logistical outcome was not in my favor. So all I can hope for now is for her to be happy with him or whoever makes her happy. I can never forget her, afterall she’ll forever have a part of my heart, but I’ll always be here for her should she need a faithful friend. Afterall, I’m here Daily. What is love but time’s fool? No relationship works the way fairytales portray them to be. There isn’t a perfect Prince Charming coming to save the damsel in distress from a coma, evil stepmother, or dangerous dragon. This is where girls are let down. The sooner a girl realizes this, the less disappointing it will seem. We all depend on time to measure our periods of happiness and sadness. As humans its impossible for us to know how long either one lasts. As teenagers, its even more impossible to figure out how often these periods of emotions will come in a certain time period. There are so many. “If not me, who? And if not now, when?” – Gorbachev


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