Love is (not) only for the lucky ones

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

I heard once that love was only for those who were lucky, good looking, rich, or popular. I disagree, love is for those who want to feel included, important to someone, special, wanted. I have had my share of luck and then misfortunes when it comes to love. Every time I have gotten close to someone, I do something to push them away or hate me. I become someone I’m not because I’m afraid that I’ll get hurt again. Really, I end up hurting someone due to my paranoia.

Anyways, enough about my depressing pitying. Everyone sees the top football (or any sport for that matter) and cheerleaders dating, while the others are in the shadows kicking the can of love looking for that chance where things finally won’t be awkward and they can finally be happy. I’m not saying that the more popular people should be denied happiness and love, I just feel that we shouldn’t sugarcoat the difficulty and instead of only celebrating those in love this Valentine’s Day, but those who haven’t found someone too. 

So here’s to the single ones (pretending to toast) in hopes that all of us can be the lucky ones.


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