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I have just recently been exposed to some of the greatest writings an (I guess the term old would suffice despite their actual age) old friend of mine has spawned and realized that I should not be so conceded in my writings and to look past the elementary diction I have grown so fond of using. From knowing him in high school, I would never have imagined that he would be one to write or be religious in writing. I know I don’t seem as religious even if I mention God once or twice, but that is because my family has never really pushed religion and just goes with the crowd. I hope that these posts by my friend will help inspire myself to improve in writing as well as become a better person in my walk with God. So I can only hope in these years to come, from senior year on, that I can come closer to God in the way He wants me to.

So I don’t get too sentimental with all this stuff about an old friend and section leader who might read this at any given time, I shall move on. My recent posts have been of poor one-sided political arguments, “boo-hoo, my life sucks” type of posts, and general posts merely out of sheer boredom. Now seeing what a better blog looks like, I can improve myself in writing and as a person. If I am to be a teacher in the future, I will have to blog, so improving now is, as I believe, the best way.

I know that my past and present have not always been sqeaky clean as I would have liked it to be, I know I have thought that I don’t have time to pray or I’m too tired and will just do it in the morning, but then I never do it because I put other things first. I have not the slightest idea, could be I was never really taught by my family to devote my time as my last name so conveniently implies, Daily. These last too years have been up and down as my recent post describes and I feel as if I am still stuck on this vexing and rickety roller coaster.

Senior year, a new beginning as well as a new ending to all this drama and easy troubles. I have also delighted in starting my last May/June camp for marching band. I have been fortunate to get one of the “box euphs” (at least that’s what I call them) due to the box-shape of the cases and the fact that they are euphoniums is self explanatory to anyone who is lucky to know what one is. To others, it’s just a heavier inconvenience, but to my section and I, or for some, see it as a sort of prize for being a senior or most experienced. Although it is heavy even with the little muscle I have accumulated, I would not want to march any other instrument because the euphonium is all I know. I find that the three years I have experienced and the one I have yet to finish have and will make the most of it for me and my section.

I know that this doesn’t seem much of a revelation of the Biblical type, but rather of the social type. We’ll just have to see what my future holds whether good or bad, but hopefully always in God’s way.

As the Lord commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the Lord commanded Moses. – Joshua 11:15


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