A New Beginning… to the End of High School

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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When I started high school my freshman year, I never could fathom the amount of turns that I would inquire on this journey. From the social fallout that revolutionized the perception of me due to a series of bad decisions to a spiritual rebirth to a spiritual crossroads. I know my decisions are not always the best for me or for others, but in these years of trial and error, I just hope I have plenty of guidance from those who really want to see me achieve greatness.

My spiritual roller coaster began before my acceptance and baptism. I thought that if I finally accepted Jesus into my life that all these temptations and troubles would go away, but it turns out that it made this harder. I learned that as a Christian, you become more of a target for Satan to get you to fall. I think that after I’ve hit rock bottom, I am finding a new wind to carry me upward. I am slowing, but surely climbing out of this hole I’ve dug. I have also realized that my spiritual roller coaster has caused me to lower my standards for myself and others. I know it will be hard to undo the wrong I have done, but through God, I know that I will prevail.

After my social downfall too, I have begun to slowly rise up again devoting my senior year to a clean slate and working on my grades and becoming a better person and Christian.

Now that senior year has started with May Camp, I hope that I can be the role model that is expected of me to be. I know that the freshman possess a talent of leadership they have no idea existed. Now to see where this year leads me.


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